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Known problems (wash dryers)

Wash dryer problems, error code or broken?

Tumble dryer malfunction? Does the machine have a malfunction, a defect, an error message, or does the dryer stop working?

Perhaps the circuit board of the dryer is broken. As a white goods technician, I regularly come across young machines that have problems in the electronics. The machine will then stop working from one moment to the next, or it takes too long before the machine shows a display.

Because the price of a printed circuit board can amount to more than € 300 (excluding assembly), it is often not worth the effort to replace the printed circuit board and a dryer that is a few years old ends up on the scrap heap. That’s why I’ve found out what the most common problems are and can repair the circuit board of your dryer in 9 out of 10 cases for only 59.-.

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