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Problem description:

  • Your machine does not work at all. No lights, no ‘beeps’.
  • The power cord is connected to an outlet and the outlet has power.
  • You did not experience problems before with the machine.

If this matches your situation, the PCB of your machine might be out of order.

aeg droger reparatie

In your case, a new PCB would cost between € 200 and € 275.
But don’t worry. I can repair PCB for you.


What should you do?

Double-check if the machine is realy out of order
Before you signup for repair, first double-check whether your machine realy has a defect. So no more lights or beeps when you switch the machine on – and check whether there is voltage on the outlet.

Signup for repair
If the machine still doesn’t work, then you can signup for repair.

How to dis-assemble the PCB

Take the water collection tank out of the machine and loosen the 3 screws that appear. Remove the top from the machine by unscrewing 2 or 3 screws on the back of the top.

Aeg wadroger reparatie

Unscrew 4 screws on the top left and right of the control panel.

Electrolux wasdroger doet niets meer.

Pull the entire control panel forward and snap the metal bracket away from the plastic. Carefully disconnect all plugs, some plugs may be very stuck.

Zanussi droger doet niets meer

Many machines have an extra cap that you have to unscrew for a while.

droger doet niets meer

You have now completely removed the control panel.

printplaat aeg droger
printplaat reparatie

You do not need to loosen the print further, but you can if you want.

Pack the panel in a sturdy box!

We repair – among others – to the following models:
ZTE 170
ZTH 485
TCE 7114

ZTE 7100 PZ
ZTE7101 PZ
ZTE7101 PZ

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